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Disabled Persons Placards and Plates

To obtain a disabled person’s license placard (which hangs from the rear-view mirror) or plate, submit the following to our office:

Note: The licensed healthcare practitioner or doctor designates the disability and if temporary or permanent.

Permanent Disability:

Parking Placard

Permanent placards are valid for four years. To renew a permanent placard, a valid ID/Driver’s License is required.

License Plate

A disabled person’s license plate fee is $20 plus any other fees and penalties which may apply. A valid Georgia’s License plate may be exchanged at no cost.

Disabled Person’s license plates are renewed annually. You may apply for a disabled person plate for each vehicle you own.

Temporary Disability

Temporary Disabled Person’s Placards

Temporary placards are valid for six months from the issue date. To renew a temporary placard, a newly-completed MV-9D form must be submitted